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With the emergence of robust technology, internet has become one of the greatest sources to make money online. Through these pavements, crooks find their way to defraud people online. Internet, known as a knowledgeable platform, also shares a dark story called a deceptive platform of frauds and tricksters. There are a lot of online classified ad frauds that aim on tricking money to send money, give out personal information and cheating users by taking away their hard-earned money. Be cautious while making transactions online to avoid falling prey to such tactics. If you are selling or buying goods on free classified ads, Fleewe suggests you to be vigilant against each step of the robber. There are plenty of things to watch out for, to make money online rather than losing it in a fraud. Following tips will always help you stay ahead of criminals:

Watch out for Dubious Offers

When browsing online classified ad or sites, if you come across sites that may try to convince you with amazing attractive deals for a price very below to the market value, means you are closer to the scam. For instance, you may find a ridiculously cheap artifact online, which is otherwise very costly. Since such free classified ads are very attractive, they allure a lot of people who majorly look out for heavy bargains online.

Beware of upfront Payment demands

Online robbers who post eye-catching offers on free classified ads wait for customers to fall for it and then ask them to pay whole amount and even sometimes extra payment for the shipping services. Be very suspicious about such online classified ads because usually customers receive nothing and by the time they realize, it becomes too late or impossible to trace the existence of crooks.

Sellers, stay away from plea of monetary help

Tricksters show interest in the genuine online classified ad, create an aura of trust enveloping seller over a period of time and lastly ask for monetary help, mostly to which cover up cost for the mark-downs or fraction of the overall cost.

Watch out for Bounced-Check Scams

TThis is one of the most practiced exercises among fraudsters in online classified ad industry. They fool the seller by sending them cheque for more money and when asked by the seller about the payment of high amount, they admit this as a mistake and then ask the seller to refund the payment. Without even realizing that the cheque is bounced, the sellers refund that and lose product as well as additional amount of money.

Suspicious emails and websites

Don’t be a victim to fraud’s conspiracy in disguise of free classified ads. You should be very suspicious about emails from people you don’t know and websites or companies you are not aware of. There are plenty of them who will promise solutions to all your problems like money, good-health, etc., but if you won’t be careful they can cost you a fortune.

For fraudsters and tricksters, there are many ways to come across people and scam them out of their money. These above-mentioned situations are just the tip of the iceberg, it’s very important for you to act smartly & vigilantly to escape losses against free classified ads.

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